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14 aprile 2017
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  • Vutta

Out of the Eastern side of Johannesburg in Daveyton came two musical geniuses who took a bold yet invigorating journey to pursue their limitless love and passion for music, and by embarking for what captured their souls, knew what they were destined to do. Infinite Boys transcendent the name “Vutta” because of its unique culture and vibrant sources in produces daily. As we describe the “Vutta” sound, it originates deep within the heart of Daveyton, the first township in South Africa to be energized with live electricity. As we go deeper, “Vutta” is a highly energtic musical work, spiced with the culture of Daveyton and the intelligence of the duo’s Infinite Boys ( Raphael & Anthony Ngove}.
Infinite Boys spent five intensive Months producing this remarkable Master Piece . At the point when The Track Vutta was made the duo had experienced quite a rough time in the entertainment sector in South Africa, but Vutta was a barrier in uplifting their hopes and motivation to do more. Vutta itself is a highly spiritual and earth centred musical work at the same time its driven by its cynosure tendences attracted from the universe.
Vutta is a world track, that’s why Infinite Boys brought forth this melodic zounds to ignite the music lovers, followers, djs to rock it hard when they feel as they down, Vutta will uplift them to the greatest hieghts ever imagined. Vutta is for the earth and its species within the atmosphere we live in.