Yalodde Yeyeo
Release Date
23 giugno 2017
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 2 Tracks
  • Yalodde Yeyeo (Afro Latin Mix)
  • Yalodde Yeyeo (Afrobeat Mix)

“Italian Dj/Producer Peppe Citarella returns to MoBlack Records with the soaring “Yalodde yeyeo”, a phantasmagorical latin inspired production featuring Cuban vocalist Virginia Quesada whose exhilarating one-of-a-kind vocals are accompanied by grand trumpet, delectable keys, wicked guitar and verily compelling afro-percussive rhythms. The stripped back ‘Afrobeat Mix’ intensifies the vibe to the max, putting the emphasis on the irresistible afrotastic rhythms and the incredible vocals”.
review by Michael Fossati in spiritofhouse.com

Credits :
Vox : Virginia Quesada , Choirs : Eduardo Cespedes & Virginia Quesada , Bass : Eduardo Cespedes , Keyboard : Virginia Quesada , percussioni : Maestro Jose’ Antonio Molina , Trumpets : Yuliesky Gonzales , Guitar : Federico D’alessio
Produced by Peppe Citarella Dj/Producer
Mastered by: Daniele Mattiuzzi (Wave Life Studio) Torino – Italy