Jackson Brainwave

DJ, Music Producer, Radio Producer and Music Label Director Jackson Brainwave (born as
Sejake Jackson Motaung) can be described as strangely humble. Having been in the
industry for a while, the ambitious DJ has climbed the entertainment ladder quite favorably.
Starting as an underdog, he has gone to create beautiful music, performing at renowned
clubs and prodigious events well over South Africa. A deep rooted musical brainchild, his
music creation and selection is purely inspired by the beat of distinctive drums and deep
ethnic sounds. This peculiar deep afro house DJ seems to be going higher with his distinctive

Having begun taking an interest in music in 2008, it is only in 2009 that he chose a career in
music; his passion had somehow gone beyond being a hobby. He then decided to study
and acquire Music Production and DJ skills at Technics D.M.C in Randburg, Gauteng (South
Africa). His music production and DJ abilities has since been influenced by the legendary
Onsulade, Boddhi Satva, Pablo Fierro, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Djeff Afrozila and Mr. Raoul, just to
name but a few.

Once forming part of a trio of DJ’s, PM Project, Jackson Brainwave found himself testing his
musical abilities with his group members and being part of the creation of original hits and
remixes to national and international house music alphas such as Andy Compton, Hanna
Hais, Mr. Cee, Nick Holder and many others. Whilst part of PM Project, he found himself
performing alongside well known acts such as Liquid Deep, Micasa, Abicah Soul, Julian
Gomes and the legendary DJ Christos amongst many others.

With his vision being to grow his name, in 2014 he started his record label, Jackson Brainwave Records.
Under his new record label he went on to release his debut single “Voiced” which was shortly
followed by his second single “Hear the Drum” which got massive recognition,
not only gaining support from local DJs, producers and house heads but also some serious international
heart too.

With an entertainment print under his name called Osum Vibez (Established in 2015), which
looks into the music lifestyle events and a podcast with its own merchandise, he has made
sure that he leaves no stone unturned. Jackson Brainwave is forever humble and always
striving to be a better version of himself with every waking day.

Facebook: Jackson Brainwave
Instagram: jackson_brainwave
Twitter: JBrainwave
Soundcloud: Jackson Brainwave