Young Dj
Artist Name
Young DJ
Birth Place
South Africa
Year activate

Moloko Alfred Lodwick Manganyi a young and upcoming dj/producer from South Africa.
Goes by the stage name “Young Dj”. Has been a producer since 2005 and a dj since 2007, he grow up listening to house music on radio and has been buying house cassettes since a young age.

He was inspired by the likes of Dj Fresh,Oskido,Glen Lewis,Frankie Knuckles,Iggy Smalls,Kaskade to name a few. A self-taught producer residing in Johannesburg Norwood has fell in love with house music since a young age and has then wanted to become one of the top producers/djs that has ever been.

He started producing in 2005, learning the tactics of house music all those years and getting good feedback from friends and people from
social networks.Those made him want to go all out and release an EP